QSim is a multiphysics simulation software. In consists of a graphical user interface based on the Qt/C++ library an a simulation program written in C++. The graphical user interface allows intuitive modelling of dynamic systems.

  • Hydraulic/fluid Systems
  • Pneumatic systems
  • Mechanical Systems


Electromagnetic Simulation

PMax2 is a mainly python/c++ based program for transient 2 dimensional
electrodynamics. It takes advantages of the extremely fast an efficient linear equation solver UMFPack[Davis2006]. The program is inspired by the program FEMM which uses the mathematical formulation suitable for axisymmetric problems [Henrotte1993]but is restricted to steady-state problems.
For transient simulation of magnetic actuators time domain solutions with moving parts are required. For this purpose a new finite-element solver has been developed. Since it has been developed in python and c++ and solves the 2dimensional Maxwell equations it has been given the name PMax2 ( Python solver of Maxwells 2 dimensional equations)

Solenoid Simulation shows an animation example.